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We're an imagery company built by photographers for photographers. Our intent is to represent some of the best photographers and their work without requiring exclusivity – while offering up generous commission rates that give the photographer the majority of the fees. After all, the photographer created the image – shouldn’t they get the most for its use? And for buyers, we intend to make their job easier without forcing them to review hundreds – or even thousands – of photos before they find the appropriate image.

We’re glad you’ve found us – please explore our site and learn more about our vision to bring buyers and sellers of photography together with easy to use new technology and fair and equitable pricing for all.


GPSE is in the business of licensing imagery for our clients – whether it be for an ad campaign, a book or a pamphlet. Working with the client’s input, we search the globe for appropriate photos to be used in a project. When we find the best images, we make sure the photographer is well compensated and that they still retain the rights to their photo. For the buyer, we do all the groundwork of finding the photographs that represent the project’s intent without asking a person to wade through hundreds of potential images.

As an example, recently one of our clients wanted to celebrate an anniversary of their business with imagery. We did a worldwide sweep of photos that showed the property and the surrounding area during the last one hundred years. We sourced the images, contacted the photographers and got their permission to use their images to create a sample photo book for the client. The client simply had to review the end result – which they did and found that it matched their needs superbly.

Our motto at bringing imagery buyers and sellers together is simple:

Make it faster. Make it easier. Make it a better value – for both parties.

our leadership

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Jeff Clow
Chief Executive Officer

Jeff’s background includes leadership positions in sales and marketing with Procter & Gamble and Information Resources, Inc. He is also an accomplished photographer who has licensed hundreds of his photos to numerous well known companies – including Disney, Forbes, AOL, Time and Fortune. His work has appeared in Popular Photography and he is the author of a best selling photography book. Jeff resides in Dallas and serves as CEO of GPSE.

team member
Hans Wobbe
Chairman of the Board

Hans currently serves as CEO of Datafix – a premier provider of technology and data management for the Canadian government – as well as for the banking and real estate industries in Canada. His background includes executive positions in the banking industry and he is recognized as the foremost authority on address management in the world. As a photographer, his photography has been represented by the largest worldwide stock agency for several years and he is the creator of the Global Photo Stock Exchange concept. Hans resides in the greater Toronto area.

team member
Ida Shum
Chief Legal Officer

Ida is a senior manager for business development in the areas relating to biotechnology, chemistry and materials. Previously, Ida has successfully licensed technologies covering national security, industrial processes, materials, and robotics. She is a trained patent attorney and specializes in intellectual property management. As a photographer, her photography has been featured in juried competitions and is represented by the largest stock agency.

team member
Wil Bloodworth
Chief Technology Officer

Wil currently serves as CEO of Excolo Group, Inc. – a technology group specializing in custom software development and training. Previously, Wil held senior technology positions at Kodak and Beal Bank. He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, has won several juried photography competitions, and has served on the board of the Dallas PPA. Wil’s imagery has been for sale for several years with the largest worldwide stock agency. He serves as CTO for GPSE and resides with his family in the Dallas area.


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